Xtend, a Grand Rapids-based CUSO, promoted Aaron Hawkes to Manager of Xtend’s Communication and Member Marketing department effective Monday April 25, 2022. Hawkes has worked through the ranks at Xtend and is no stranger to the daily work needed to service clients and their members. Prior to taking on leadership roles, Hawkes started as a contact center specialist, took a brief break from Xtend, but ultimately rejoined as a project coordinator and quickly exceled to communications supervisor and then to assistant manager of communications in January of 2021.

“Aaron has shown tremendous growth as a business professional and consistently questions and reiterates the why behind our team and what we do,” said Jalyn Lindeman, VP of Communications. “He has assisted in building a team that pushes forward the advancements of automated communications, technologies, and toolsets needed to keep credit unions close to their members when it matters most, and we cannot wait to see the continued progress Aaron and the team will make.”

In addition to Aaron’s promotion, Xtend announced Nathan Koster’s promotion to Assistant Manager of Communications effective May 2, 2022. Nathan joined Xtend amidst the pandemic and has challenged the standard processes and procedures of the Xtend team while bringing new knowledge and efficiencies to the table to ensure timely communications. “Nathan’s attitude to jump-in and get the job done while also being the voice to question the why has been a great complement to Aaron’s leadership thus far. I am looking forward to building better relationships with our stakeholders and their members as we position the team to manage the daily and advance our offerings to better serve all involved,” added Lindeman.

Xtend’s communication and member marketing department continues to adapt and deliver, and these two promotions are pivotal to the growth, not only of the team, but the communication strategies available to credit unions as well. To learn more about Xtend Communications visit the Xtend website.