Forest Area Credit Union gets started with a data warehouse

Asterisk Intelligence, the data analytics and data warehousing team at CU*Answers, recently announced that Forest Area Federal Credit Union (Fife Lake, MI) recently partnered with the team to establish a data warehouse with CU*Answers.

“It’s a privilege to be working with another credit union who is making the choice to add a data warehousing strategy to their business,” said Annalyn Hawkes, business intelligence analyst with Asterisk Intelligence, “I’m excited to see the projects and initiatives that are supported by this data warehouse in future.”

The Asterisk Intelligence data warehouse is a turnkey storage unit for data analysis, with hardware and software managed by CU*Answers as a shared-resource warehousing solution. From day one, credit unions can begin focusing on operation and management of the space. It is the first solution from CU*Answers for self-service import and management of data sets from multiple systems, including CU*BASE® core data.