Flag Credit Union Selects CU*SOUTH’s Collections By Objective

CUSO@Work, a division of the credit union-owned CUSO, CU*SOUTH, announced that its Collections By Objective (CBO) team would be working for Flag Credit Union of Tallahassee, FL, to help manage their Consumer Loan delinquencies.  Flag CU serves 5,414 members with over $36M in assets.

Collections By Objective’s existing clients average a reduction of 50% or more in delinquencies in the first year. Flag CU is CBO’s first non-CU*BASE® core client.

In response to growing interest in Collections By Objective, manager Rebecca Weemes and CU*SOUTH’s CEO Leo Vaulin have built out the division’s capacity to serve credit unions utilizing other core software.

“CBO works alongside the credit union collectors, in their CU*BASE or other core software, so the results of our collection efforts are seen in real time,” says Rebecca Weemes.

“We started small, with a subset of delinquent accounts, while we learned how to work with Flag’s core software.” adds Ms. Weemes.  After two months, the collection team at Flag CU saw full-time collaboration as the next logical step.

“Collections by Objective’s approach is effective, and they get results,” says Flag CU’s Member Solutions Manager, Crystal Smith.  “CBO’s rate of collection has far surpassed other companies that we used in the past.”

Smith concluded, “We consider Collections by Objective to be a great addition to our team”.