eDOC Uses Check21 Service as Part of Its Own e-Document Strategy

eDOC Innovations (EDI) announced today that it has implemented its own CheckLogic Merchant Capture system for its internal accounting department, in cooperation with Corporate One Federal Credit Union. EDI not only designed, developed and delivered its new CheckLogic Merchant Capture product to credit unions who want to offer remote capture to business members, it also acts as a merchant with its own financial institution, Corporate One Credit Union, to capture check images and transfer them for Check21 forward collection and clearing.
“Some time ago our Board tested the very foundation of own internal edocument strategy by telling us that ‘if it is good enough our clients, then it has to be good enough for us!’ We took that standard to heart and use our own products vigorously. Now we use CheckLogic Merchant to capture checks we receive and use the system just like we expect our peers to use it with their members,” explains Bret Weekes, President and CEO of EDI. “The Board added, ‘let everyone know that they don’t get paid until checks clear through our own system and see how good it is and how fast it gets done.’ I don’t know if they were serious but none of us were willing to take a chance to fail and find out. We know it’s good.”
EDI has been using its own imaging and document management system for years to organize its own documents with clients, affiliates, and employees. CheckLogic Merchant Capture was made available to the credit union industry in its current release earlier this month.

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