e-Communication Business Booming for Xtend

Xtend, Inc. a multi-owned cooperative CUSO based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, reports that electronic communication delivered to members through its Member Reach service has reached an all-time high. Since January 1st, the CUSO reports that it has transmitted more than one million targeted Email and online banking messages to members on behalf of its growing number of credit union partners.

“More credit unions are realizing that a coordinated member communication strategy is a must-have in today’s competitive marketplace,” says Julie Gessner, Xtend’s Manager of Communication Services. “Even as emerging tactics for social media increase, the need to communicate through email and online banking maintains relevance. Delivering targeted messages at the right times in the member relationship is our Member Reach value proposition, and we are excited that new credit partners are tapping us on the shoulder to execute on their behalf,” Gessner continues.

CUSO President Scott Collins notes, “Since members continue to embrace hearing from their credit unions via Email and online banking message centers, we are confident that the demand for Member Reach will continue to grow. The increase in the number of messages signifies that more partners are using their CUSO resources, and we are very proud of the fact that service has hit a sweet spot for credit unions of all membership sizes.”

Xtend reports that sixty-three (63) credit unions are currently subscribed to Member Reach, including three new clients in the past thirty days. Since the program was rolled out in 2005, more than one hundred twenty credit unions have engaged the CUSO for a custom e-communication project.