e-Alerts Notify Members Within 30 Minutes

CU*Answers has recently revealed changes to its e-Alerts system, made available to CU*BASE processing credit unions with the recent 11.0 Release upgrade. The most notable update of this project is the new ‘real-time’ notification method, meaning that CU*BASE will now queue e-Alerts and send them every 30 minutes to notify members of changes to their accounts, rather than once daily as was the previous method.

The 100% credit union-owned CUSO went on to say that members that opt in for balance threshold e-Alerts will specifically appreciate this change, since they will receive an e-Alert within 30 minutes of falling below (or above) their tolerance. Other e-Alerts will also be received in a timely manner. CU*BASE will queue ACH email notification directly following ACH processing and loan payment due notifications directly after end of day processing, and that this change even affects the delivery of e-Notices (which are considered a type of e-Alert by the system); now they will be queued for delivery when notices are printed.

For additional information, refer directly to the ‘e-Alerts’ booklet available on the It’s Me 247 Reference Page: http://cuanswers.com/client_reference_itsme.php.