Digital Docs Network Exceeds 12M Records

WESCO Net, a Grand Rapids, MI based leader in managed hosting services and manager of the CU*Answers electronic document ASP network, announced in April that the network eclipsed the 12 million online records mark.

It means over 12 million documents are literally just a few mouse clicks away from our users at the credit unions, says Dave Wordhouse of WESCO Net. It is significant because it gives an idea of the scalability of the solution. That number is growing every day and at a faster rate as new credit unions are brought online with the network.

To keep pace with demand, WESCO Net recently invested in additional hardware including an expanded storage environment and upgraded application and database servers. We want to ensure the networks capacity and performance stay ahead of the demand curve in order to deliver a consistently reliable service to our clients, continues Wordhouse.

The digital documents network is provided as a part of CU*Answers core data processing solution and includes electronic storage of receipts, loan documents, and member IDs such as driver licenses.

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