Delta County Selects eDOC Solution for RDC

Delta County Credit Union of Escanaba, MI, has selected eDOC Innovations’ CheckLogic Lite remote deposit capture (RDC) solution, part of a total integrated solution for Check21 needs.

According to Brenda Lippens, the credit union’s CEO, “CheckLogic Lite will enable our credit union to provide remote check capture and deposit capability to our merchant members. We are always interested in creating new services for our Business members and considering 80% of the GNP is generated by small business there are a lot of checks still out there for deposit. Lippens continues, “eDOC Innovations is a strong support for us, they provide marketing materials, videos, merchant member agreement templates, set-up, and ongoing merchant support. We have a tremendous partner in helping us build solutions for merchant members.”

“Our objective at eDOC is to bring our owners and peers solid packaging for their merchant initiatives, doing things collaboratively that individually it would be difficult to do,” comments Bret Weekes, CEO of eDOC Innovations. “The merchants will no longer have to come into the credit union for deposits and we will improve member services. Considering the cost associated with time spent visiting branches and filling out paperwork – this improved efficiency at the credit union is a “win-win” situation,” Weekes continues.