CU*SOUTH Offers Mobile Banking

CU*SOUTH, a CUSO providing core data processing services, recently announced the deployment of mobile web banking for smart phones.

“Our members love the convenience,” comments staffer Terri Monsalve of Massachusetts State Employees Credit Union in Boston.  “I can be out shopping, and instantly check my account balance.  It shows me both my current balance and my available balance, including any purchase preauthorization holds placed by merchants.  The drill-down feature lets me review each purchase individually.  If I need some more funds in my account, I can post a transfer on the spot.”

“It’s great for travelers,” says Bob McDonald, CFO of Massachusetts State Employees C.U.  “Hotels and car rental companies can put substantial holds on available funds.  Using mobile banking, you can see exactly what they’ve done.

The new mobile banking feature is an extension of It’s Me 247, the online banking platform integrated with CU*BASE, the core data processing system offered by CU*SOUTH.