CU*SOUTH Offers Free ACH & Draft Holiday Posting

CU*SOUTH recently announced that it offered to provide its credit union clients ACH and share draft exception processing for the days surrounding the holidays.

“During the last two weeks of the year, many credit union employees are opting to take time off to be with their families.  We wanted to make it easy for our clients to enjoy the holidays without having to worry about their ACH processing, or managing draft and ACH returns in a timely manner.  So, as a special “stocking stuffer,” our team stepped up and offered this service on Christmas Eve, the Monday following Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Monday after New Year’s Day,” comments Starla Honea, Client Services Manager for the CUSO.

Credit unions responded favorably, with many using the service to process on the days that they were closed, while others used it to allow their back office staff to take an extra day off, while the credit union was open to members.

According to CU*SOUTH, this service was helpful for Massachusetts State Employees Credit Union, headquartered in Boston. On the Monday after Christmas, a blizzard blanketed much of the Northeast with heavy snow, which resulted in an unplanned closing for the credit union.  “Fortunately, we already had the Rules of Engagement defined for ACH and draft processing on Christmas Eve, so we simply continued the work from our mobile data center,” comments CU*SOUTH’s CEO, Leo Vaulin.  “Our team stepped in, payrolls posted on time, and all returns were processed in accordance with the credit union’s instructions,” Vaulin concludes.