CU*SOUTH Creating Best Practices Library

CU*SOUTH, a provider of CU*BASE data processing services, recently announced that the CUSO is preparing a set of Best Practices documents for use by credit union clients.

According to the CUSO, the topics range from How to Handle Collateral in Process of Liquidation Accounts, Credit Union Procedures for when a Member Files Bankruptcy, How to Process Non-Member Teller Transactions and How to use CU*BASE to Track Petty Cash.

“We try to assist our clients with internal processes to help make their tasks easier as they request it.  This helps them streamline their processes, and we hope these Best Practices documents can be of help to other clients as well,” comments Starla Honea, Manager of CU*SOUTH’s Client Service support.

CU*SOUTH also says it plans to dedicate a day of related Best Practice-training during a regional education event scheduled for March of this year and that the documents will be accessible from its website.