CU*SOUTH Adds Attorney Service

CU*SOUTH, a regional provider of CU*BASE data processing and managed services, recently announced a pilot program to assist credit unions in attorney relationship management.

According to the Rebecca Weemes, Collections Manager, this offering came in light of the recent increase in credit unions’ reliance on local attorneys for handling legal accounts and bankruptcies.

“We found that credit unions were paying a high premium for attorneys’ services, yet they weren’t getting results in a timely manner.  Some legal accounts were stagnant for six months or more.” explained Ms. Weemes.  “Through aggressive management, we work with the credit union to impose a higher degree of accountability on attorneys to ensure that they are performing in a timely, consistent, and profitable manner for the credit unions,” Weemes continued.

Helping to pilot the program is James Dill, CEO of Tri-Rivers FCU and a member of CU*SOUTH’s Board of Directors.

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