CUSOs partner to complete server replacement

CU*Answers, the cooperative CUSO headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Yankton, South Dakota-based CUSO Site-Four, Inc. confirmed that they had completed a core server replacement recently. During the project, the CUSOs were able to execute a non-disruptive transition to Site-Four’s new IBM POWER9 production server and its accompanying DR/BR IBM POWER9 backup server that supports more than 100 credit unions.

Scott Collins, the CU*Answers Executive Vice President of National Sales and Marketplace Development, commented, “The migration from one IBM POWER platform to another is something that our teams have executed dozens of times for both our internal servers and our business partners’ servers, but it’s still something that we never take lightly. Our two teams had been preparing for the final cutover for more than a month before the project was completely tested and given the green light. By deploying IBM POWER9 servers in both their production center and their disaster recovery center, Site-Four laid a foundation that will provide continuous availability to its credit union clients and their members for the next several years.”

The teams were pleased with the non-disruptive execution of the project. “Continuous availability has been a hallmark of our network over the past two decades,” Collins said. “Between the Site-Four servers, our own IBM servers, and those at our self-processing credit union data centers, the ongoing efforts of our collective teams have established a very high standard for business continuity; one that we are very proud of.”