CUSO Provides Stand-in Holiday Support

Xtend, Inc., a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based multi-owned cooperative CUSO, announced that today it has provided back office support for twelve credit unions to cover their processing needs over the Thanksgiving holiday. All of the twelve credit unions who are being supported utilize the CU*BASE core data processing solution from CU*Answers, Inc. The credit unions range in size from $21 million in assets to $375 million in assets and are located in three states – Michigan, New York, and Indiana. The support is being provided by the CUSO’s SRS (Shared Resources and Staff) business unit, which currently works share draft, ACH, ATM, and general balancing exceptions for more than three-dozen other credit unions on an ongoing basis.

“This service is nothing new to us,” says Xtend President Scott Collins. “For the past couple years we have provided this same stand-in holiday support for a couple credit unions here and there based on our availability and their holiday schedules during the year. The difference is that this year we made a concerted effort to market the service across the CU*Answers network. Several of these partners were familiar with our SRS team from working with us during their core DP conversion, so the trust factor was already there. We are pleased that most of these partners will be tapping into our shared resources pool for multiple holidays yet this fall and winter.”

According to Collins, the CUSO will be formalizing an annual holiday support service for 2010 as a means to incent commitment from their credit union partners and allow for effective resource planning for the SRS unit.

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