CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned cooperative based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently kicked off its data collection exercise that would eventually lead to it 2021 Pricing Guide. The guide is published for all customer-owners of the CUSO as a supplement to the CU*Answers online store. This year’s guide will be the 22nd year of the cooperative’s fundamental reference document.

“One of our most fundamental tenets at CU*Answers is our transparency to our client-owners when it comes to their core data processing invoice,” noted Scott Collins, EVP of National Sales and Marketplace Relationships at CU*Answers. “Over two decades ago we started preparing a reference guide for our installed clients, so they could put the various expenses into the correct GLs, and for our prospective clients as they researched our cooperative. The latter has ensured that my sales team was able to put proposals together that validated our ‘charge only when we have to, not just because we can’ philosophy. We feel that open dialogue about pricing is essential to a cooperative’s ability to be sustainable. And since our clients are also cooperatives, transparency is vital to their ability to survive and thrive as well. A win-win.”

Collins noted that the annually-updated document would once again be available for its core clients and prospects by mid-November.