CUSO Magazine, a digital publication for credit unions and CUSOs, announced that production of its Summer 2020 print edition is under way and copies would be delivered to its distribution list in the coming weeks.

Speaking on the print edition, Supervising Editor Esteban Camargo said: “While some of 2020’s newsworthiness has been positive, much hardship has also been faced by CUSOs, credit unions, their members, and staff. Our hope is that readers will pick the magazine up and be inspired by the articles they read. Together, we can build a community of leaders willing to share not just our challenges faced, but the lessons we have learned from them, and the successes we have achieved. If this year teaches us anything, it will be the value of the cooperative spirit and the importance of coming together towards a common goal.

Interested in receiving a print edition? Contact the CUSO Magazine editing team.