CU*NorthWest Introduces Champions Workshop

The data processing CUSO, CU*NorthWest, announced today it will incorporate a new concept at its upcoming leadership event in August.  The “Champions Workshop” is designed to allow owners of the CUSO to bring forward products of interest to fellow clients and owners.

According to Greg Smith, President/CEO for CU*NorthWest, the workshop is designed as another way to stimulate collaboration in its community of users and assist individual credit unions in sharing strategies and associated tools.  In addition to educating other clients/owners on specific tools being used in the network, the workshop will also be used as a “launch pad” for further potential studies by the CUSO.  Integration or alignment to the standing tool set available in the CU*BASE product suite is a standard consideration either by direct funding from the CUSO, the vendor of the product, or shared expense by one or many credit unions who have interest.

The process will include the presentation of a product by the using credit union (the “Champion”), and may also involve incorporation of the providing vendor.  Illustrated by credit union staff from their perspective, the focus will be on the direct business application in their credit union operations.

“We are always looking for ways to stimulate our collaborative community at CU*NorthWest,” said Smith.  “The Champions Workshop will be an exciting forum, building on the concepts of peer-to-peer networking,” he continued.

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