CU*NorthWest Increases Value for Clients

CU*NorthWest announced a recent change in its retention period for transaction history – giving credit unions greater ability to research and meet member needs. Most credit unions will end up with nearly double the number of months retained online free of charge.

“Working with our clients to improve our products and services is part of our business design.  If we can do something for less, we want our credit unions to benefit,” said Greg Smith-CEO, CU*NorthWest.

Data storage has become less expensive and CU*NorthWest is passing that savings along to its customers by increasing value, said Smith.  “We heard from our customers that they wanted to be able to go back further to research transactions without the cost and inconvenience of loading tape.  It is kind of like a price reduction: more data for the same price.”

As the volume of data grows, credit union staff will be able to go even further back in history when researching member inquiries.  With the increased retention, CU*NorthWest will be able to develop new dashboards and analysis tools to see trends over a longer period of time.  In addition, members will be able to view and download more transaction history when working with their accounts in online and mobile banking.

“Having CU*NorthWest as our partner has allowed us to provide more services to our members without additional cost– making us more competitive in our market,” said Todd Powell, CEO of Spokane Firefighter Credit Union.  “This is another example of the CUSO listening to its customers and delivering.”