CU*NorthWest in the “Cloud”

CU*NorthWest, a CUSO located in Liberty Lake, Washington announced the successful implementation of cloud technology for their newest client, Sunkist EFCU.  Sunkist EFCU was connected to CU*NorthWest core processing services using some newly deployed virtualization techniques inside a secure cloud in a collaborative effort between CU*NorthWest and their network partner, CU*Answers Network Services. 

There are many definitions of “cloud computing” but accessing virtual servers over the internet is the foundation for a new way of connecting clients to our services says Greg Smith, CEO of CU*NorthWest.  Our cloud technology allows very small credit unions to securely access the full suite of CU*BASE tools via the Internet rather than through traditional, higher cost connectivity infrastructure.

The user experience is very similar to how a traditional credit union accesses CU*BASE except instead of clicking an icon on the desktop to launch the application and then logging on, Sunkist opens a web browser, clicks on the CU*BASE link and is taken to a secure website to log in.  Both the traditional user and the “cloud” user pass through layers of security before getting access to their credit union data.

By using this approach, the credit union has far less complexity in their local operations as the equipment exists elsewhere and security is far less of a concern.  High speed internet and a browser are all that are required.  Pricing is done by workstation and radically reduces the price point for connectivity of the smaller organization while still offering state of the art processing through robust machine virtualization.

“The technology for a two-person office like ours would have been really expensive but this solution makes sense,” said Olivia Bautista-CEO of Sunkist EFCU. “It is easy, safe and secure.  We love it.”