CU*NorthWest Has Set 2012 Leadership Dates

CU*NorthWest announced this week, the date for the 2012 Leadership Conference. The annual Leadership Conference will be held June 27-28 at the Coeur d’Alene Resort in northern Idaho. 

The event will include two days of discussion, education and networking events. “This event is a great opportunity for our clients to learn from and collaborate with their peers,” said CU*NorthWest CEO Greg Smith. The Leadership Conference allows clients to learn about the latest developments in the software and how CU*NorthWest and the network are responding to changes in the industry.

“From collaborative business design developments to initiatives to help small credit unions, the conference serves as a galvanizing event that brings credit unions together for collaborative and innovative cooperation,” he said.  “It is an opportunity to look forward and begin developing a business plan that takes advantage of network tools and peer insight.”

CU*NorthWest will also hold its annual meeting for stockholders in conjunction with this event.