CU*NorthWest Extends Support to Fledgling CU Groups

Greg Smith, CU*NorthWest CEO, recently attended a gathering of 70 credit union leaders hosted by the Southern California Credit Union Alliance (SCCUA) in Brea, CA. to discuss collaborative business design.  CU*NorthWest, a credit union-owned CUSO based in Spokane provides CU*BASE data processing services to credit unions.

According to Smith, the focus of his address drew from CU*NorthWest’s involvement with the network of participating CUSO’s, and the advantages that a collaborative network provided.  “What we have built with very little capital in a 5 year period marking one of the most difficult economic environments for startups, could not have been achieved without this support,” he remarks.

Smith went on to say, “We wish to extend our support to groups like the SCCUA and the new CURoots CUSO now forming in California.  We support any group that is truly seeking to innovate and work collaboratively.  We will share our experience and intellectual property freely in the hopes that it can jump start others to innovate beyond us.”