CU*NorthWest Expands to California

The data processing CUSO CU*NorthWest announced today that it has converted its first California credit union to its enterprise core data processing system, CU*BASE.1ST Valley Credit Union, San Bernardino, CA, completed its upgrade to CU*BASE on May 1st, and is also utilizing many of the self-service products offered by the CU*NorthWest CUSO, including It’s Me 247 online banking, Mobile Web Banking, and CU*TALK Audio Response.

According to Gregg Stockdale, CEO for the Credit Union, they performed extensive due diligence while evaluating data processing solutions, which included a comparison of twelve (12) data processing companies.  “There were many defining factors that influenced our decision to go with CU*NorthWest.  The embedded functionality of the software, the intuitive navigation design of the system, and the quality end-user support made me confident that this would be the best option to serve our members,” commented Stockdale.  “Knowing that CU*NorthWest’s business model is that of collaborative ownership, and that it is part of the network of CUSOs is icing on the cake,” Stockdale continued.

According to Greg Smith, CU*NorthWest CEO, the conversion and transition process went very smoothly, partly due to assistance from the CU ByDesign CUSO, which specializes in supporting credit unions during the transition to CU*BASE, by providing consulting and operational assistance.  “By collaborating with the CU ByDesign team of experts, we were able to face this task head-on, and deliver seamless support in what could be a daunting process for credit unions and their employees.  As a CUSO, we value the principal of using collaboration as a driving force to remaining relevant in the credit union industry,” commented Mr. Smith  “Their expertise and insight as end users of CU*BASE greatly facilitated the critical decision making phase for product and procedure configuration.”

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