CU*NorthWest Conducts Test at SiteFour

CU*NorthWest, a CUSO located in Washington State, announced the completion of their annual disaster recovery test.

CU*NorthWest operates servers in both Liberty Lake, Washington and in Yankton, South Dakota in cooperation with new CUSO partner SiteFour.

The annual disaster recovery test is conducted to advance recovery strategies and assure that CU*NorthWest credit unions would be able to serve their members in the event of a disaster.

The test verified that the system and credit union data could be reproduced on the SiteFour hosted disaster recovery server and certified that credit union connectivity and functionality remained unchanged.  The goal was to produce complete redundancy of hardware and software at sites outside of CU*NorthWest’s Liberty Lake headquarters.

Credit Union data verification was completed by two CU*NorthWest clients, Amicus Federal Credit Union and Firefighters Credit Union.

“We were pleased with the result of the test,” said Greg Smith, CEO, CU*NorthWest.  “New processes were tested and our recovery plan proved to be well-documented.  We hope never to have to use our disaster recovery plan but are confident that the procedures and infrastructure are in place to serve our clients always.”