CU*NorthWest Completes DOR Automation

CU*NorthWest (CUNW), a credit union-owned data processing CUSO, recently announced it has completed development of an automated process to help credit unions comply with the new E-Withhold process from the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR).

E-Withhold is a process to serve Notices and Orders to Withhold and Deliver (NOWD) levies by electronic list to financial institutions.  The process is very similar to existing “dead beat dad” processing already done through FIDM programs.

According to CU*NorthWest, in addition to providing the newly-developed software, the CUSO is also offering to monitor and process on the credit unions’ behalf.  “We are glad to assist our clients with automation to help make compliance with the new DOR requirements as efficient as possible,” said Ann Joyce, VP of Operations.