CU*NorthWest Celebrates 5 Years

CU*NorthWest has announced it will celebrate its 5th Year Anniversary during its annual Board Planning and Leadership events hosted at the Coeur d’Alene Resort later this month.

According to Greg Smith, President/CEO of CU*NorthWest, the annual planning session will include participation from senior members of the Management team of sister CUSO, CU*Answers.  The inclusion of CU*Answers is in support of the shared network visibility and collaborative business strategy.  CU*NorthWest also says that the planning session will focus on charting a course for sustainability by continuing to offer ‘more for less’ through its core processing product suite, CU*BASE.

“Completing our 5th year in business with having met every original milestone is a great accomplishment for our CUSO,” comments Todd Powell, CU*NorthWest Board Chair and CEO of Spokane Firefighters Credit Union. “Especially in an economy where long established businesses are struggling,” Powell continues.

CU*NorthWest also recently said it is offering mobile web phone banking for its credit unions/clients at no additional cost, and plans to continue demonstrating the advantages and value realized by partnering with a CUSO with other upcoming product announcements.

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