CU*NorthWest Adds Staff for Loan Form Push

CU*NorthWest announced today it will add some additional temporary staff to help credit unions get loan form updates complete.  With the new regulations related to lending, most credit unions have to update their loan forms.  Credit unions use a variety of forms vendors who are at varying levels of delivery to their client credit unions.

CU*NorthWest provides completely automated loan forms as a part of its core processing solution in addition to loan form imaging solutions through eDoc Innovations.  Form updates are being accelerated based on regulatory deadlines.

CU*NorthWest CEO, Greg Smith said, “Some forms vendors are behind on getting these updates out to credit unions and the volume of loan form update requests to us has increased dramatically.  We are doing everything possible to make sure that we meet our client’s expectations on delivering updated automation to those forms once we receive them.”

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