CU*BASE Release Includes New e-Alerts System

CU*Answers has announced that with the 11.0 CU*BASE Upgrade, e-Alerts are changing to a new “near real-time” process, which eliminates the manual process Self Processing credit unions use to send the messages on demand and adds a new subsystem that automatically sends emails as needed throughout the day, according to the chosen schedule.

When the 11.0 Release (scheduled for May 9 or 10) is installed, a new subsystem called NTALERTS will be setup. Like the existing subsystem for online banking, this will need to be monitored regularly by the credit union Operations team and must be brought down during nightly processing. To make it easier for credit unions to monitor this new subsystem, a new Member Communications menu has been created which includes several options related to e-Alerts, including commands to start and stop the subsystem and also an option to display its current status.

The CUSO continued to say that the near real-time alerts system has been set up so that it automatically monitors e-Alert subscriptions for balance changes and other activity at a specified interval. CU*Answers will be using a 30 minute interval for its credit unions processing online, while its Self-Processing clients may define a different timeframe as appropriate according to system resources.

For more information about the new e-Alerts Subsystem coming with the 11.0 Release, access