CU*BASE Fee Income/Waiver Analysis Proves its Worth

Grand Rapids, MI – July 27th, 2011
CU*Answers recently said that one particular toolset embedded as part of its CU*BASE processing system that has quickly gained CEO’s attention are the Fee Income/ Waiver Analysis dashboard and trend reporting features.

According to the CUSO, the ability for CEO’s to more quickly determine the status of certain data using a single “dashboard view” for reviewing trends across membership and related impact to the credit union is proving to be a powerful tool for quickly making informed business decision. CU*Answers says that with a single click, credit union management staff can instantly access month- to-month service income comparisons useful for determining when fee changes may be appropriate. Utilizing a single “dashboard view”, CEO’s are able to view trends across their membership to better determine how their activity plays out in credit union fee income.

The CUSO continued to say that this analysis not only provides credit unions a centralized view to better analyze month-to-month member service fee income, but also provided data regarding the frequency of a credit union’s opportunity to earn. As a standard feature, this dashboard includes information on the number – and dollar amount of fee waivers, whether waived automatically by CU*BASE as a result of a member’s relationship with the credit union, or manually waived by staff – and then , these trends may be easily reviewed so as to provide a quick look at how they are affecting a credit union’s bottom line.

CU*Answers said that each credit union may configure the screens as based upon parameter configuration options provided.