CU*BASE Client Extends Helping Hand

Grand Rapids, MI – June 12th, 2011
In displaying a high level credit union cooperation, Grand Valley Co-op Credit Union, located in Grand Rapids, MI, recently announced that its Hastings, MI branch location had suffered damage due to a fire that destroyed another business located next door. As a result, Grand Valley CU was required to announce to its membership that its Hastings location would need to be closed for Thursday and Friday for necessary clean-up and repairs.

However, that’s when Thornapple Valley Credit Union stepped up to the plate! In a true spirit of cooperation and partnership, it was announced that the neighboring Thornapple Valley Credit Union had quickly intervened and offered space within their Hastings office for Grand Valley CU staff to utilize, in order to still serve their membership during this interim period.

Additionally, as both credit union’s participate in the Xtend Shared Branch network, provided to credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE processing system, Grand Valley CU members were still able to access other shared branch locations throughout West Michigan. However, Thornapple Credit Union’s quick action provided a level of personal service for Grand Valley CU’s membership as was still required.

It was noted that this outreach of friendship and cooperation extended by Thornapple Valley Credit Union to assist another credit union in difficult times spoke volumes for demonstrating how one credit union’s ability to quickly communicate with and assist another spoke volumes – no matter how unique the situation.