CU*Answers Wows CEOs with Latest Data Export Tools

Grand Rapids, MI – July 26th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced several exciting product enhancements as part of a recent CU*BASE Release (April, 2011). In addition to credit unions being able to export data to a comma-delimited text file and export data and charts directly to Excel, CU*BASE clients now have the ability to export data and charts to Adobe’s PDF file format – creating a presentation layer of statistical charts and graphs utilizing dozens of standard CU*BASE dashboard tools.

CU*Answers explained that these PDF presentation features are generated via a PDF export to provide attractive single “fingertip click” data and charts in a format that may be viewed as part of a meeting, or printed and distributed to a credit union board and management staff for added emphasis as desired.

CU*Answers stated that these initial PDF presentation tools are just the beginning – and that new dashboards are being added daily to its PDF presentation layer