CU*Answers welcomes Lesco Federal Credit Union

The combined conversion teams of CU*Answers and CUaxis converted 7,614 members for Lesco Federal Credit Union to the data processor’s CU*BASE® platform in July. Lesco Federal Credit Union, located in Latrobe, PA, converted from the Fiserv Charlotte platform. It was the first joint project between the two firms that was not a migration from the AMIS core platform.

Scott Collins, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketplace Relationships commented, “Our conversions team has worked closely with their CUaxis peers to convert nearly three dozen credit unions from AMIS to CU*BASE over the past eighteen months, and we are excited that our first non-AMIS joint project is successfully in the books. I have no doubt that this is the first of many future conversions where the project experts from both companies will join forces, and I commend the credit union, CUaxis, and our conversions team for the successful CU*BASE launch.”

Collins noted that CUaxis is a Certified Distributor of the CU*BASE core suite, and that the two CUSOs work closely across the board from sales to conversions.