CU*Answers Web Services and Marketing team keeps your website secure

Hosting and supporting nearly 300 websites for credit unions and other businesses across the United States, website security is very important to the CU*Answers Web Services and Marketing team. All websites and Internet connected servers are constantly scanned and attacked by bad guys looking for vulnerabilities and opportunities to attack and infect with malware.

To this end, the CU*Answers Web Services hosting infrastructure is specifically designed to guard and mitigate as many concerns as possible through a multi-layered defense. Hosted websites have specific protection layers at the web application level, the server level and, in partnership with CU*Answers Network Services, at the network level. In addition, security and maintenance updates are automatically deployed through our hosting platform weekly. This same mechanism can be used to implement updates immediately in the case of a critical 0-day vulnerability is announced.

David Damstra, Vice President of Marketing Services said, “Protecting the reputation of our hosting business and ultimately that of our clients is of the utmost importance.”

CU*Answers Web Services includes free SSL certificates with all shared hosting clients to further increase the website’s security.

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