CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned, data processing CUSO, recently updated the email template used for announcing the sunsetting of various products, services and CU*BASE tools or features. For the past several years, these emails used the header of ‘Every Sunset is a New Dawn’ and included information on items that were being discontinued or replaced with new products, services or features. The details of these emails varied from one ‘sunset’ item to another and sometimes included links to relevant resources.

While the structure of CU*Answers ‘sunsetting’ announcements are not as concrete in their formatting as other Client News emails, they will continue to focus on why items are being sunset as well as what is intended to replace these items after they have been phased out, when applicable. The new emails will be characterized by their updated header, ‘Every Sunset Paves the Way for Something New’. These new emails will see use starting later this year, as part of the CU*Answers Writing Team’s ongoing efforts to refresh longstanding Client News templates.