CU*Answers has launched a development project for a new way for members to authenticate the first time they access It’s Me 247 online or mobile banking. This project expands the existing activation schemes where members can enter a temporary password and set up their own private credentials without needing to contact the credit union. With the new technique, the member can choose to have this initial temporary password sent to them via a secure email or text message. Once they receive the code, the member uses it in the first-time login process, setting up their own private password and security settings.

Dawn Moore, VP of the Writing Team/Product Design, said, “CU*BASE already offers several ways for members to set up their own credentials the first time they log in to It’s Me 247. We expect this new technique to be very popular with members since they’ve likely used similar systems for accessing other online stores and websites.”

The project is being championed by TruChoice FCU in Portland, Maine, who will be converting to the CU*BASE® platform in March.