CU*Answers to Enhance DR Testing

CU*Answers has recently announced that this year’s Disaster Plan Test will be performed from the IBM Business Recovery Center at the Sterling Forest Facility in New York to enhance its testing capability at numerous IBM locations.

According to the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, later this month, during the three-day period it plans to perform a series of tests of the recovery process for its host server (iSeries) and communications systems for online processing.

CU*Answers went on to say that it tests its host system recovery plan not just to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements, but also as an avenue to identify areas of possible weakness or areas otherwise which it can make adjustments and improvements. This testing also provides the CUSO the opportunity to verify the ability and reliability of trusted partner vendors – such as the phone company, IBM Business Recovery support staff, and others – to respond.

The announcement regarding the Disaster Plan Test can be found at