CU*Answers teaches with Client News and Education Express

Communication is crucial in the credit union industry, especially when key topics and changes are involved. This is where Client News and Education Express help. At a respectful 95 and 406 registered users and counting, clients want to stay updated.

“It’s important that our credit unions stay actively engaged with our Client Services and Education team,” Manager of Client Services and Education Kasey Hawkins explained. “We prepare our newsletters using recent interactions from CU*BASE partners that will hopefully increase overall confidence in how to use features in the system. We would encourage that credit union management ask their staff to sign up so that they can receive the information directly from our Client Services and Education team while it’s ‘hot off the press.’”

The Clients News and Education Express reports release monthly. Clients can sign up to receive either one or both reports from the CU*Answers website. Alternatively, they can sign up for the Client Services Report and the Education Report.