CU*Answers Releases New One-Screen Dashboard Design

CU*Answers has recently introduced a new dashboard design with its 11.0 CU*BASE Release. The new ‘one-screen’ dashboard stemmed from a brainstorming session during last year’s CEO Strategies Conference.

According to the CUSO, the ‘New and Closed Account Dashboard’ enables users to define search variables, press enter, and then view the results below the selections. Viewing results without leaving the screen enables staff to view accounts meeting different sets of criteria and get the needed information more quickly. This particular dashboard features 30 different analyses of a particular group of members, including average age, number utilizing bill pay and online banking… with four separate analysis screens providing additional statistics and data. CU*Answers went on to say that this particular tool is the first in a series of ‘one-screen’ dashboards it intends to incorporate into CU*BASE.

For more information, refer to the supporting booklet “Get to the Answers” on Your New and Closed Members at