CU*Answers Releases Member Dashboard Tool

Grand Rapids, MI – July 26th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced that as part of its on-going commitment to provide clients utilizing its CU*BASE systems the quickest manner possible to “Get to the Answer” for desired member data, it has released its newest dashboard feature providing instant information about New and Closed Memberships.

CU*Answers says this tool is designed to allow credit unions to instantly gain access to highly desired New and Closed Account member data via a simple menu option. As part of its offering CU*Answers says credit unions are now able to analyze Membership data in over 50 different ways. It went on to state that with dozens of ways to analyze this data, the Open/ Closed Membership Dashboard will change the way credit union leadership and Boards of Directors will think about their credit union.

Additionally, the tool features a built-in PDF feature to create fill-color PDGs of the data and charts to share with a credit union Board. Clients may also use the Dashboard tools to communicate more effectively with members and better audit the service these members receive.

CU*Answers re-iterated its commitment to on-going dashboard and associated PDF presentation tools for providing a presentation layer often unparalleled in the industry.