CU*Answers Provides OnDemand Multimedia

Grand Rapids, MI – July 27th, 2011
CU*Answers has become a launching point for multimedia information and education strategies for its credit union clients. According to the CUSO, it provides all education and training multimedia sessions 24 x 7 free for all credit unions to access when and where they wish.

CU*Answers OnDemand ( houses all the sneak previews and tutorials on CU*BASE, as well as recordings of CU*BASE training sessions, and select PowerPoint slides from CU*Answers Events such as the Annual Leadership Conference and the CEO Strategies Week.

In utilizing OnDemand, clients are able to select from a variety of categories, such as Lending or Accounting/ Back Office and be taken directly to those videos that meet selected criteria. For more information, access CU*Answers OnDemand.