CU*Answers Promotes New PDF Standards

Grand Rapids, MI – July 26th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced that as a 2011 development project, it has raised the bar dramatically relating to the tedious information gathering process by providing CU*BASE clients the ability to instantly generate aesthetically pleasing and easy-to read data in the form of charts and reports instantly to PDF format via CU*BASE menu commands.

In making this announcement, CU*Answers described how CU*BASE clients are able to get answers desired faster than ever before and promoted these PDF tools as part of an exciting new project to extend the CU*BASE Management Dashboards all the way to color PDF reports. CU*Answers says the power of these high-quality PDF reports is the speed at which users are able to gather valuable information – the process entails viewing easy-to use dashboards and an export function command to move clients quickly to the end product, without the need for Query, report writers, or special downloads.

CU*Answers stated that dozens of automated dashboard tools already embedded within the standard CU*BASE system include this PDF capability, with more being added every day