CU*Answers Plans New HA Site Rollover

CU*Answers has recently announced that it will be performing a rollover to its High Availability system on February 13th.  With this rollover comes a major change for the 40-year old West Michigan-based CUSO, as its High Availability system is being transitioned to its new HA site in Muskegon, MI (existing site is currently in Kentwood, MI).

Recent testing of its High Availability backup system was performed Sunday evening, January 16th through the 23rd in preparation for this transition.  “This center will allow us to offer geographically distinct high availability and business continuity services to our clients,” remarks Dave Wordhouse, VP of Network Technologies for WESCO Net, a division of CU*Answers.

CU*Answers also said that the facility makes extensive use of green technology to reduce power consumption, and that the technology is scalable to allow additional capacity as needed.