CU*Answers Opens up Reg. E Controls

With the 11.0 CU*BASE Release, the Opt In/Opt Out Status flag control has been moved to Online Banking VMS Configuration from its previously location in the OPER area, which required online CU*BASE-processing credit unions to employ assistance from CU*Answers staff to change this setting.

According to CU*Answers, by selecting a new “Allow members to change Reg E Opt In/Opt out Choice” checkbox, credit unions can control this setting themselves. When selected, members will see an Overdraft Services page in the preferences section of their online banking, where they can then choose the option themselves. Additionally, credit unions may now customize the text members see when changing their status, giving more flexibility to the credit union in marketing individual offerings to its membership. A new “Member Instructions” button next to the new CU*BASE checkbox allows credit unions to compose free-form text that the members see when they make their selection online.

Refer to the ‘Opt In/Opt Out (Reg. E) – Managing Your Offerings’ booklet available on the CU*BASE Reference Page for details: http://cuanswers.com_client_references.php.