CU*Answers is rolling out two new optic tools for CU*BASE: “How are Your Employees Utilizing CU*BASE” and Usage Statistic for Tools. These two new analysis dashboards will be valued not only by security officers and auditors, but by branch managers and HR teams as they try to get a handle on how employees are using and navigating CU*BASE every day.

The summary analysis for employee data tool is a new dashboard, available from the Employee Security dashboard as well as via Employee Security Profile Analysis, summarizes information about credit union employee IDs, including # of active, locked, and archived IDs, email addresses on file, job class and team code breakdowns, and length of employment. You can also see the number of employees who have access to each of the features under Special Security, such as tier 2 file maintenance and loan underwriting.

Usage Statistics for Tools is another great new analysis for security administrators and auditors. The feature lets staff see a listing of all available tools and the number of times they have been accessed by employees in the current month, last month, last 90 days.