CU*Answers Mobile Web Banking Takes Off

Grand Rapids, MI – July 20th, 2011
CU*Answers announced that the popularity of its Mobile Web Banking service continues to grow with its credit unions. CU*Answers said that 120 of its clients utilizing the CU*BASE processing system are now utilizing its Mobile Web Banking service.

According to the CUSO, its Mobile Web Banking system is provided free to clients as part of its e-commerce suite of self-service products, and that there are no one-time upfront investment costs incurred by client for enacting this expanding service.

With It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking, members are able to:
• View account balances and details for savings, checking, certificates, loans, and credit cards
• View funds on hold for savings and checking
• View pending authorizations for credit cards
• View pending ACH transactions
• View secure message center messages
• Perform instant transfers between accounts (as allowed in It’s Me 247 Online Banking)

For more information about It’s Me 247 Online Banking or Mobile Web Banking, access