CU*Answers, a Michigan-based credit union service organization, has joined the CU Evolution Solutions Network. The partnership is designed to make it easier for small credit unions to evolve their core data processing capabilities for the digital, self-service era. CU*Answers will begin offering credit union-specific solutions to CU Evolution’s clients immediately.

According to CU Evolution CEO Howard Bufe, making a change in core data processing partners is among the most complex decisions a small credit union has to make. “It’s difficult enough to make the decision to pivot away from a long-time processing partner, let alone to find one that meets each of a small credit union partner’s needs. CU*Answers is the kind of cooperative-based provider that is not only willing, but excited, to work with small credit unions. We’ve been very impressed with their knowledge of the unique challenges faced by small cooperatives, as well as their ability to turn those challenges into opportunities to grow, increase revenue and enhance the member experience.”

The alliance with CU*Answers is part of CU Evolution’s plan to expand its resource base, which enables credit unions to bring new, revenue-producing solutions to market quickly and without the typical complexities. In late September, the CUSO announced the addition of insurance providers, and Bufe expects to add several additional providers over the next 12 months.

“CU*Answers is excited about the collaboration with our friends at CU-Evolution,” said Scott Collins, EVP of national sales and marketplace relationships at CU*Answers. “At our cooperative, we believe the efforts between multi-owned CUSOs like CU Evolution and CU*Answers offer the best chance for credit unions to thrive in the future. One of the fundamental principles at CU*Answers is our belief that 1+1 can yield results greater than 2 if like-minded businesses martial their resources. From the very first conversation with the CU Evolution team, it was clear our two companies shared similar core beliefs. We believe CU Evolution will be a game-changer for small credit unions, and we look forward to putting our team to work alongside theirs as they execute their current and future business plans.”

Bufe invites any income-generating solution provider looking to reach the small credit union market to contact him for information on becoming a part of the Solutions Network. He can be reached at