CU*Answers Introduces EXAMSHARE

Grand Rapids, MI – July 21st, 2011
CU*Answers says that one of the common complaints it hears from clients is difficulty in preparing for regulatory examinations, due to inconsistent expectations. According to the 100% credit union-owned provider of CU*BASE core data processing and other services, to solve this problem it is proposing EXAMSHARE, a website for peers to provide feedback through a survey reflecting examination experience.

The CUSO continued to say that it plans to take resulting answers from the surveys and send out reports breaking down the survey responses by criteria such as region, size, charter and exam subject matter – in hopes this information will provide credit unions the needed information to arm themselves for examination and obtain a much more effective and higher score.

CU*Answers also elaborated that the focus of EXAMSHARE will be away from the personalities involved and instead on subject matter of the examinations to ultimately eliminate the element of surprise as much as possible. CU*Answers also says that it will never ask for information that cannot be legally divulged, such as CAMEL ratings.

For more information about this collaborative endeavor, access the overview on the CU*Answers Kitchen website: