CU*Answers Explores PFM

CU*Answers, the West Michigan-based CUSO known for providing CU*BASE core data processing and other services, has recently announced it will be exploring PFM (Personal Financial Management) solutions, and is urging its client credit unions to do the same.

According to CU*Answers, two vendors have invited the CUSO and its credit union clients to attend web conference demonstrations, free of charge.  The two well-known PFM vendors, MoneyDesktop ( and Geezeo (, will be providing these demonstrations to the general public on Thursday, January 27th, at 11:00am or 3:00pm EST (MoneyDesktop) and 1:00pm EST (Geezeo).

CU*Answers also says that deploying a PFM solution has not been a priority, as the interest level has been marginal, but the topic does surface from time to time, and that it does not support one PFM vendor over another.  While individual demonstrations will focus on a vendor’s particular product, attending these sessions will help credit union leaders to gain a better understanding of how a PFM product can benefit their credit unions and/or membership.

For more information, view the demo invitation and registration at