CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned, data processing CUSO, has delivered forty emails in the “We’re Here When You Need Us” series, a campaign that began in April 2020. Envisioned by Julie Gessner, VP of CMS Sales, the series emphasizes the many ways CU*Answers supports its clients daily. As part of this campaign, Andrew MacMillan, Communications Coordinator with the Writing Team, put together a series of emails that placed the spotlight on the various teams and brands at CU*Answers, as well as the individuals who drive them.

Since the series began, emails focused on different teams at CU*Answers, including Web Services, Client Services and Education, Marketing, Lender*VP, AuditLink, SettleMINT EFT, Imaging Solutions and more. Additionally, emails focused on managers and team leads, detailing the roles and responsibilities of staff members in relation to their respective departments. Each of these emails has included links that direct clients to introductory videos and website resources.

There are twelve remaining emails in the “We’re Here When You Need Us” series, which are scheduled to be sent to CU*Answers clients between now and the end of September. These emails will continue to showcase the range of solutions available to network clients by highlighting eight more staff members and their areas of expertise, as well as four teams and products.