CU*Answers Announces Post-Conversion Client Service Initiative

Grand Rapids, MI – July 20th, 2011
CU*Answers recently announced that it has developed a new layer of support for credit unions converting to its CU*BASE processing system by creating a new level of support called the Account Representative Collaboration Group.

According to the CUSO, in addition to all normal conversion services performed during the time a credit union converts to CU*BASE, the group will meet with the newly converted credit union leadership team on a monthly basis for their first several months post conversion. The intent is to allow the newly converted credit unions to be introduced to the management team of the Client Services department on a regular basis, and to present ideas and questions to a group of CU*BASE experts, whereas previously much of its post conversion interaction was with the Conversion Team leader.

Dan Robbins, CEO of NorthPark CU (Indianapolis, IN) said “I have been very pleased with the skills that the credit union Management Team and Staff have accumulated since the conversion to CU*BASE. It shows that both the credit union and CU*Answers have been diligent about serving member needs and resolving solving issues, by better utilizing the tools provided to us. This is the good core-credit union collaboration we expected, and have received. We look forward to this continued collaboration strategy in the coming months.”