CU*Answers recently announced that the 22.05 release of CU*BASE will be arriving on May 15th for online and Site-Four clients, and on May 22nd for self-processing credit unions. In addition to participation in two separate training sessions for the upcoming release, credit unions are encouraged to take the additional step of engaging with CU*BASE Strategic Release Management service.

CU*BASE Strategic Release Management service is entering its third year. The service provides credit union executives and managers with strategic approaches for the utilization of technology associated with major CU*BASE platform enhancements.

Each CU*BASE Strategic Release Management engagement is carefully developed, planned, and executed by the brand managers and developers of CU*Answers, specifically for the unique strategies of the credit union. Developers first tested the program during the 19.05 CU*BASE release with seven credit unions, many of which continued with the service.

Julie Gessner, Vice President of CMS Sales, said, “Credit unions invest time in reviewing CU*BASE release documentation and attending training via Zoom. Knowing exactly which features require action can be overwhelming. By participating alongside our strategic development specialists, creating alignment with the goals of the credit union eases the burden of doing the ‘right’ thing or taking the ‘right’ approach.”

Credit unions can learn more about how to capitalize on their investments in the toolkits they own by exploring CU*BASE Strategic Release Management on the CMS Store or by connecting with Gessner directly.